Bobby Brown July 13 1941-May 3 2011


The band was the vision of one man and that was Bobby Brown (July 13 1941-May 3 2011). Bobby formed the “Scottish Accent Band” in 1974 and was our front man, leader, musical director, mentor, and friend. He put together, the finest Scottish Country Dance Band in the world, and assembled a rhythm section that was second to none. Kathy, Freddy, Donny, Rob, Warren and Laird, embraced his traditional ideals and would never leave his side until his passing.

In the 1970’s  Bobby was developing additional musical interests, partly due to his acquaintance with many old-time fiddlers who congregated at Shelburne, Ontario’s annual Fiddlefest. In 1973 Bobby was invited to partner with John Allen Cameron to arrange, produce, and perform in a musical series on the CBC television network and later on CTV. Bobby was instrumental in the formation of the “Cape Breton Symphony Fiddlers”, a unique group of four Nova Scotia musicians specializing in the Cape Breton style of Scottish Fiddle music. They performed regularly on the show and also appeared frequently on other television varieties including The Tommy Hunter Show and at the annual Canada Day ceremonies on Parliament Hill.

In ’75 Bobby would decide to bring both groups together and no matter what group he had playing, he always have the “Scottish Accent Band” rhythm section playing for all tour dates.

The band would travel extensively to support a variety of Scottish cultural events-workshops, dances, classes, week-long schools, formal balls across North America, concerts for Canadian Forces, community gatherings and fundraisers.

The band would work with many artists across the world such as Moira Anderson, Andy Stewart, Rita MacNeil, The Rankins and Ashley MacIsaac to name a few.

The “Scottish Accent Band” is the only band outside Scotland commissioned by the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society to produce a documentary recording for the performance of historic dances. With grant support of the Canadian government, the band would be a roving ambassador for Canadian tours to Scotland, Ireland, Germany and America.

The Band would record over 15 CD’s (albums’) and be featured regularly on Scottish and North American radio broadcasts. The Scottish Accent was the first and only band in North America to broadcast live from Toronto for the BBC radio program “Take the Floor”.

Over the years Bobby would intersperse “young and up in coming” musicians into the band introducing them to the study of Scottish Music. Musicians such as Etienne Ozarak of The Music Makars Band, Paul Langley the principal bassist for the Canadian Opera and National Ballet of Canada, and Jim Creeggan the bassist for the “Bare Naked Ladies” would all play in the band at one time or another.