We are a band with almost 30 years...yes 30 years of performing Scottish and Celtic traditional music for Scottish Country Dancing, Ceilidhs, Social Dances, Celtic Festivals, Weddings, St Andrew Society, Annual Robbie Burns Suppers, Concerts, Variety Shows, Highland Games, Radio and Television shows all across North America and Europe.  We play a Celtic style of Scottish music that allows you to dance, sing, or just sit back, tap your foot, and have a great old time.  We offer dance instruction for all Celtic Ceilidhs and Celtic Weddings allowing even the NON dancer to easily get up on the dance floor and dance the night away.

This core group is lead by:
Laird Brown-Lead Accordion/piano/musical director/vocal
Donny Wood-Piano/bass/arranger/vocals
Warren Beesley-Percussion/guitar/arranger/vocals
Rob Wolanski- Acoustic and electric bass/guitar/keyboards/arranger/vocals

The band was the vision of Bobby Brown (July 13 1941-May 3 2011).
Scotch Mist is made up the surviving members of the “Bobby Brown and
the Scottish Accent band”. For the last 5 years the band has continued the
tradition of playing for Scottish Country Dance Music and workshops throughout
North America. 

For an in-depth history of the Accent Band view the Bobby Brown Bio tab above.

 The Mist Band is very proud to announce that they have completed their
first Scottish Country Dance CD

"Coast to Coast with Scotch Mist”.
This unique Cd has 13 original Dances and Tunes
complete with dance instructions in the liner notes of the cd booklet.
Click on the new release tab above for more information.

For our excellence in the field of music, for our Scottish heritage, for our preservation of Scottish traditional music, and for the pleasure we continue to bring so many worldwide........................

Cheerio the nou!